Return of the Mancograph - Version 2 now available…


I suspect that many of Skyliner’s readers will also be familiar with the architectural sage that is Eddy Rhead. Eddy is on my dream line-up in my imaginary quiz team, admittedly the quiz that we’re playing is Strike It Lucky but my imagination is too full up with concrete and Portland stone to make room for anything more taxing.

Eddy’s latest venture is the beautiful Mancograph, we previously gave away a print of Mancograph V1 and now the second version is available to buy - but it’s of very limited stock so grab one quickly.

A new venture by Eddy Rhead and Sam Swaffield. We call it Mancograph. A graphical representation of Manchester and Salford. It grew out of a shared interest in cartography, typography, infographics and the urban experience.
Future projects already planned - more cities - Livergraph and Sheffograph - plus many more graphical concepts based on Manchester’s architecture, geography and infrastructure. 
Prints are A3 size on 200g recycled, unbleached white stock. Soya ink risograph print. Made in Manchester.
Limited edition of 50. Individually hand numbered.
£10 introductory price with £3 p&p.

The now sold out version one of the Mancograph

You can buy a copy of Mancograph by contacting Eddy and Sam on 

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