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A quick update to go someway to explain the lack of new posts lately.

Firstly, there’s Porto - a wonderful city, culturally and architecturally, where I had the pleasure of spending some time lately (click on the photos above for a large slide show view. I hope these demonstrate the nuances between the traditional and intricate ceramic tiling of the city, the pockets of Parisian and Cuban influence, and the handful of modernist developments. It’s a city where the likes of Ian Simpson are banished, or at least re-educated, and it’s as pretty as can be). 

Secondly, there’s big Skyliner news - a book! It’s not a book deal per se, more a book that was looking for an author, and I’m pleased to say it found me.

Thirdly, there’s life and work and all the threads that hold the two together (including two more BBC appearances this month and taking on yet another blogging assignment for Heritage Open Days).

Anyway, I’m not much of an enthusiast when it comes to detailing my personal comings and goings and much prefer to hide behind my mask that is Skyliner, so to wrap up - I decided to revive my dusty old film camera for my trip to Porto and ever since I’ve been sucked back into a deep and complex (expensive and confusing) love affair with it, as such I’m keen to get out practicing with it as much as possible which means the scheduling of some more regular features.

Skyliner will resume normal service before you know it.

All images by Skyliner.


In 2012 the CIS tower celebrated it’s 50th year (as well as it being the international year of the Co-Op) and this year the new headquarters at Angel Place will open. In tribute and celebration Skyliner presents an exclusive look at the 1962 commemorative brochure. 

Thank you to S.L. Scott for the beautiful artwork in the image above and to the Co-Operative for allowing reproduction of the brochure.


"The Directors of the C.I.S have pleasure in enclosing Commemorative Booklet of that great occasion on 22nd October, 1962, when H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T., so graciously opened the new building in the presence of a large number of guests from Home and Overseas.

It is hoped much pleasure will be derived from the contents of this souvenir booklet and that the typescript of what was said on that notable occasion will recall many happy memories.”



"New Head Office premises of the Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd, Miller Street, Manchester, England"


"To the applause of a large crowd that had gathered in Miller Street, Prince Philip, accompanied by Rt. Hon. The Earl of Derby, M.C., Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, walks to entrance where he was greeted by Messrs. Wild and Dinnage, who accompanied him on his tour of the building."

image"(Top right) The first visit is 60 feet below ground to the Control Room

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