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St Philip’s Crypt, Salford


(photo by Jennifer Brookes. All other photos by Andrew Brooks)

St Philips Church is perhaps the architectural highlight of the city of Salford, its beautiful bell tower beckoning you in off the road to take a closer look. The building is unassuming yet classical and unlike any other church in the region.

The church was designed by Sir Robert Smirke in 1825 in a Greek revival style unique to the area, and taken from a design Smirke had done previously for St Mary’s Church in London. 

Inside the church you’ll find a Renn and Boston organ, a rare example of British 19th century organ making with most having been destroyed or altered. Made in 1829, the organ has been restored twice, and now includes pipes taken from a dismantled organ from New Jerusalem Church on Peter Street, Manchester. It is regarded as the finest surviving example of Renn’s work. 

There’s also something waiting to surprise you beneath the church, for down below is a crypt.

St Philips Crypt_Salford_Skyliner_Andrew Brooks

St Philips Crypt_Salford_Skyliner_Andrew Brooks

The crypt houses around 8 bodies though could hold many more. Three aisles run beneath

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